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Infiniti QX50 Trims

New 2021 Infiniti QX50 Pure RWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Thousand Oaks, CA

Pure RWD

$37,950 starting

New 2021 Infiniti QX50 Pure AWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Simi Valley, CA

Pure AWD

$39,950 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 Luxe RWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Van Nuys, CA

Luxe RWD

$41,500 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 Luxe AWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Valencia, CA

Luxe AWD

$43,500 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 Essential RWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Valencia, CA

Essential RWD

$44,700 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 Essential AWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Thousand Oaks, CA

Essential AWD

$46,700 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 Sensory RWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Simi Valley, CA

Sensory RWD

$50,000 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 sensory AWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Van Nuys, CA

Sensory AWD

$52,000 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 autograph RWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Simi Valley, CA

Autograph RWD

$54,200 starting

New 2021 Infiniti Qx50 autograph AWD model for sale at Oxnard Infiniti dealership near Van Nuys, CA

Autograph AWD

$56,850 starting


2021 Infiniti Qx50 with refreshed styling

Driver-centric, Yet Passenger Minded

Elegant surfaces and a driver-focused design come together to form the well-appointed QX50 interior. Featuring a generous selection of carefully balanced materials, the QX50 cabin creates an exceptionally calming environment for every drive.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with Artistic Comfort

Artistic Comfort Designed Around You

The QX50 cabin treatment brings together thoughtful ergonomics with indulgent textiles to craft an exceptionally calming interior space. Built with a unique driver-focused geometry, the cabin’s harmony of supple leathers, wood accents and tailored stitching adds artistic comfort to every mile of your drive. The revolutionary VC-Turbo engine’s powerful yet compact footprint allowed the entire cabin to move forward — revealing more interior space in the process. Combined with its premium slide and tilt rear seating, QX50’s new cabin design provides more room for passengers and cargo

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with hidden under-floor bin

Cargo Space

QX50's combination of a tall hatch opening, low load floor height, large cargo space and a hidden under-floor bin lets you carry almost anything you desire. You can even fit a full-size stroller lengthwise without letting down the back seats and still have room for other items.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with bose sound system

A Chorus Of Exceptional Sound

The available Bose Performance Series Audio System with Advanced Staging Technology includes genuine aluminum speaker grilles to add even more refinement to the QX50 interior. With 16-speaker sound array, you’ll experience true concert-like audio across a beautifully wide, professionally tuned soundstage.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with muscular lines

Powerful Elegance

Muscular lines flow with profiled surfaces to create a body that is as strong as it is stylish. This dynamic design offers a wider stance and cabin forward silhouette, as QX50 presents a purposeful profile and strengthened visual character.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with motion activated liftgate

Motion Activated Liftgate

The QX50’s standard power liftgate is enhanced with optional motion awareness sensors, meaning you never have to fumble with your keys again. Simply raise your foot under the rear bumper and the vehicle automatically opens the rear liftgate. Whether you think it’s science or magic, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with adjustable second row seats

Rear Seat Slide and Recline

Enjoy front row comfort, even in the back. QX50’s sliding and reclining second-row brings adjustability to all passengers, no matter where they sit. Combined with premium materials, tailored construction, and comfort-focused support, QX50 gives everyone the best seat in the house.


2021 Infiniti Qx50 with ProPILOT Assist

The Future Of Driving

The value of technology lies not in what you can do with it - but what it can do for you. With this in mind, QX50 is specially designed with driver assistance technologies, including the optional ProPILOT Assist, available on Luxe grades and higher. The future of driving is not letting go, it's expanding your control.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 for sale with Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control at dealership near(placeholder-city)

ProPILOT Assist

At the core of QX50's driver assistance technologies is the optional ProPILOT Assist, available on Luxe grades and higher. The combination of Steering Assist and Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control helps ease the fatigue and frustration that come from lengthy highway travel. Once activated, the optional ProPILOT Assist uses a combination of radar and optical systems to monitor the vehicle ahead of you and the lane markers. This feature helps keep QX50 centered in its lane and a set distance from the traffic in front of you - even around slight curves.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with with forward emergency braking

The Bigger Picture

Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection scans for potential frontal collisions with pedestrians or the vehicle in front of you. It can help brake in an emergency to help avoid frontal collision.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 for sale with android auto at dealership

Android Auto

The right information for the road ahead. Android Auto™ is a simpler way to use your compatible smartphone in your car.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 for sale with head up display at dealership

Head Up Display

Originally developed for fighter jets, QX50’s available Head-Up Display feature projects a semi-transparent readout of key information onto the lower windshield. With important details like speed, navigation and warnings closer to your field of view, paired with the Traffic Sign Recognition feature, it’s easier to stay aware without distraction.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with radar and cameras

Helping You See What's Ahead

Using a forward facing radar and camera, QX50's Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection and Predictive Forward Collision Warning technologies can provide drivers with early warnings of a frontal collision and can even help bring your vehicle to a stop to help avoid or lessen the impact of a collision.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with lane departure warning

Sees What You Can't

The QX50's standard Lane Departure Warning and available Lane Departure Prevention features can help warn drivers, and even intervene if drift occurs. Additionally, Blind Spot Warning and the available Blind Spot Intervention® systems help alert you of vehicles detected in the blind spot area before and during lane change.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with around view monitor near(placeholder-city)

Around View Monitor With Moving Object Detection

The available INFINITI’s innovative Around View® Monitor uses four vehicle-mounted cameras to provide a bird's-eye view of the car and its surroundings when parking. Moving Object Detection helps alert you to moving objects detected in front, behind or beside your vehicle

2021 Infiniti Qx50 for sale with high beam assist at dealership

High Beam Assist

Avoid blinding other drivers with the help of the standard High Beam Assist. It automatically dims the high beam headlights when it detects an approaching vehicle or spots a vehicle driving in front of you, leaving you to concentrate on the drive.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 for sale with rear parking sensors at dealership

Rear Parking Sensors

The rear parking sensors allow you to maneuver in even the tightest of spaces by delivering an audible warning when the back of the vehicle approaches a stationary obstacle.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with automatic collision detection

Automatic Collision Notification and Emergency Call

In the event of a collision, the Automatic Collision Notification feature can connect you through a hands-free voice call to a live Response Specialist who can request emergency services or call your emergency contacts if needed. Press the SOS button to be connected to a Response Specialist, available 24/7.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with apple carplay

Apple CarPlay® Integration

Apple CarPlay® is the smarter way to enjoy the things you love with your iPhone®. Access Apple Music®, Apple Maps, make calls, send and receive messages – all hands-free. Just plug in your compatible iPhone® and go.


2021 Infiniti Qx50 with active torque rod

Active Torque Rod

QX50's Active Torque Rod helps eliminate engine noise and vibration during acceleration. Positioned on the upper engine mount, Active Torque Rod can isolate and dampen engine harshness and noise by counter-balancing vibrations. Enjoy smooth engine operation, even during acceleration.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with purpose built suspension platform

Balanced Control

INFINITI’s suspension platform is purpose-built with select metals to provide the best combination of strength, weight and safety potential. Using a world-exclusive 980Mpa tensile strength steel, the platform affords the QX50 a solid foundation for ride comfort, noise reduction, balanced handling and passenger protection.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with direct adaptive steering

Direct Adaptive Steering

INFINITI’s exclusive Direct Adaptive Steering™ technology eliminates the constant movement of traditional mechanical designs. The system can automatically adjust and digitally enhance steering input from the driver up to 1,000 times per second providing incredible precision and control, and a unique, customizable feel for the road.

2021 Infiniti Qx50 with Intelligent all wheel drive

Intelligent All Wheel Drive

Intelligent All Wheel Drive instantly adapts to changing conditions. Wheelspin, throttle, and speed are monitored and up to 50% of the available power can be sent to the rear wheels for better traction. When AWD isn’t needed, fuel efficiency is at its best.

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