When you step behind the wheel of a brand-new INFINITI, you experience a rush like no other. If you want to make sure you have the finest possible driving experience, though, there are a few more adjustments you can make before you hit the open road. Here's a rundown of the steps you may take to get your INFINITI Clock up and running.

How to Turn On the INFINITI INTOUCHTM Display

When you're behind the wheel with an INFINITI, you'll have access to a host of convenient features, including a sophisticated Wi-Fi hotspot and precise climate management, all through the INFINITI INTOUCHTM. You can also adjust the features of your INFINITI watch to suit your needs. Follow these simple instructions to adjust the time on your INFINITI INTOUCHTM:

  • If you have a dual INFINITI INTOUCHTM screen, you may access the clock settings by selecting the Menu tab on the lower screen.
  • The next step is to click the Settings button icon, which will bring up a menu with many options for customizing your in-car experience.
  • You should be able to find the timer on this page. If you then click the clock symbol, you should be presented with a menu of customization options.

Customizing Your INFINITI Clock

After configuring your INFINITI INTOUCHTM display, you can access the Clock settings page and make a variety of adjustments. Commonly modifiable aspects of the time display include the time zone, daylight saving, and display format. Options may vary, however, based on whether or not your INFINITI has a built-in Navigation System. Whether or not your watch can now automatically determine your location's timezone is dependent on this. Here's a detailed explanation of how to change your clock's time zone:

  • To begin, you have the option of toggling your GPS so that it will automatically set your time according to the timezone, or you may manually select the timezone to which you would like to switch.
  • Next, you will be able to select the time format that you like, either in the 12H or 24H mode.
  • After that, you will be presented with a selection of options consisting of several renditions of the day, month, and year that you can select from.
  • You now have the ability to adjust the amount of time (minute or hour) that is offset in auto or timezone mode, giving you greater flexibility and control over the process.
  • When using the Navigation System to adjust the clock, you have the option of either enabling or disabling the Daylight Savings Time feature.
  • When you want to override the timing that is automatically determined by your navigation system, you can choose from a list of the several time zones that are available.
  • You can also select to personalize every feature to better meet your requirements if you want even more control over the INFINITI clock. This option is available if you want even more control over the clock.
  • Please refer to the owner's manual for your INFINITI INTOUCHTM system for details and further information regarding its operation.

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