Hybrid vehicles are great as they offer excellent ride quality and fuel savings. Infiniti hybrid automobiles include models such as Infiniti Q50, among others. Hybrid vehicles combine a traditional combustion engine with an electrical motor for additional power. The fact that the vehicle partially runs on an electric motor means you get great gas savings. So how do you start your Infiniti hybrid vehicle? Here is a guide on how to go about this.

Normal Start

Getting your Infiniti hybrid vehicle going is super easy. The Infiniti vehicle comes with a key fob which has some sensors. Your vehicle connects with these sensors whenever the car is within range. To start the vehicle, get inside the driver’s seat, strap on your seat belt, and ensure you are comfortable. If your seat has been adjusted, you can either reset it manually or use pre-set options to adjust your sitting position automatically. Once you are ready, press down the brake lever and, at the same time, press the start/stop button. This should start the vehicle immediately. Release the handbrake, engage the right gear, and you are ready to go.

Remote Start

Sometimes, you can remotely start your hybrid Infiniti vehicle. This typically happens during the cold season. Remote starting your car allows the vehicle to warm up so that when you finally enter the car, the seats and steering wheel are all warmed up. For you to use this feature, it must first be enabled. This is done through the infotainment display under the settings menu. The vehicle’s doors must be locked, and the engine turned off.

To activate remote start, go within 200 feet of your vehicle. The system works best if there are minimal objects obstructing the vehicle from the key fob. Press the button on the key fob that is marked lock. Press and hold the Engine Start Button within five seconds of pressing this lock button. The vehicle’s parking lights will come on, indicating that the remote start button has worked.

Once the engine is turned on, the vehicle will immediately activate the heating or cooling settings that were active when the engine was turned off.


If the vehicle does not start, there could be a problem with your key fob. The most common issue is that your key fob battery has run low. In such a case, it is easy to replace it. You may also want to move closer to the vehicle (if doing a remote start) as this will help improve the signal strength.

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