The air conditioning system or AC in your Infiniti automobile is one of the most useful features in your car. Your AC determines how comfortable your ride will be, among many other things. The AC system, through the air vents, also helps to demist the windshield, making your ride much safer. However, like all the systems in your car, sometimes the AC can have problems that need fixing. This article suggests how to troubleshoot AC problems in your Infiniti automobile.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak is one of the most common reasons your AC may not work as expected. Your AC system uses an inert gas called Freon as part of the system to help cool your vehicle. Sometimes, this refrigerant can leak out and affect the AC system's ability to cool your vehicle due to worn-out rubber seals and hoses. Sometimes air gets through into the system due to these weakened seals, which can also lead to a compromised AC system. The good news is that this is a common problem and is relatively easy to fix. An expert will look through the system and replace all the worn-out rubber hoses and seals. Infiniti professionals at your trusted dealership will replace the refrigerant, and your system will be as good as new.

Broken Fans

Another common problem that can affect your Infiniti AC system is when the fan is broken. Fans are critical to the AC system as they help to circulate the refrigerated air through the vehicle’s cabin. When they are not working as they should, the system will be on, but you will barely feel the movement of the air. This is a sure sign that the fans have a problem. Replacing them typically solves this problem instantly.

Compressor Problems

The compressor in your Infiniti vehicle helps to move the refrigerant around, which in turn helps to cool your car. Sometimes the compressor can break down or get stuck in an on or off position. Usually, if the AC runs continuously, the compressor is stuck in the on position. If it doesn’t engage, it may suggest that it is stuck in the off position. If you go without using your AC for long periods, there is a good chance that the compressor could be at fault if you notice that the AC no longer works. Replacing it typically will restore the system back to full functionality.

Condenser Problems

Another part of the AC system that may break down is the condenser. This is the AC part that is responsible for cooling the air. When this bit breaks down, the AC will have a severely weakened cooling effect. Typically, you will notice that the AC system will go from working very well to having a very limited cooling effect. If you notice this, there is a good chance that your condenser has a problem. A good Infiniti dealership will quickly diagnose the problem and replace the condenser. Once this is done, the system should work as normal.

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