The pressure in your tires is critical in safely handling your vehicle. The tire of your Infiniti automobile is the only part of the vehicle in contact with the ground. This means that your tire plays a role in cornering, acceleration, and braking. In turn, the pressure in your tire determines how well your tire does these functions. If the tire pressure is not right, your vehicle may not operate safely and could put you at risk of an accident. This article tells you how to set the tire pressure on your Infiniti vehicle.

Getting The Right Tire Pressure Level

Many drivers may need to learn the right tire pressure for their vehicles. Fortunately, Infiniti vehicles have this information in your vehicle for your reference. When you open the driver’s door, there is a label on the door frame that is usually white or silver in color. On the label is information about the recommended tire size as well as the recommended tire pressure level. If by any chance you have changed the tire size from what the manufacturer recommends, you can get the correct tire pressure for the new tires from your trusted Infiniti dealership or from where you bought the new tires.

Checking Tire Pressure

When you get to the air pressure machine, insert the tire's nozzle into the tire pressure pump. if your Infiniti tires have a cap on the air nozzle, you may need to unscrew this off before inserting the pump. When you insert the pump correctly, the air pump will immediately display the current tire pressure on the screen. If it is the correct pressure level, then you don't need to do anything and can proceed to check the other tires.

Adding Air Pressure

Sometimes, you will discover that your tire pressure s lower than it should be. In that case, you will need to increase it. You can do this by squeezing the trigger on the air pump in short bursts. The pump will add air pressure to your tire until it reaches the required level. Some air pumps will beep when this level is reached, letting you know that you should remove the air pump. If it does not have such a function, watch the pump display to know when this level is reached.

Reducing Air Pressure

You may also discover that your air pressure is above the manufacturer's recommendation. In that case, you will need to reduce this. You can do this easily by pulling the air pump slightly away from the tire nozzle. If done correctly, you will hear a hissing sound as air escapes from the tire, and the tire pressure level will drop. Do this in short bursts until you achieve the required tire pressure level.

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