Cruise control is a useful feature in your Infiniti automobile, making it easier to handle long cruises. When you are traveling over distances, cruise control helps to reduce fatigue by imitating how drivers operate the vehicle. This is because it helps keep the vehicle speed constant, ensuring that you maintain a constant speed without operating the accelerator. Cruise control in modern vehicles is electronically controlled through sensors to maintain the set speed.

Your modern Infiniti automobile uses these sensors to detect how fast the vehicle ahead is going and automatically adjusts the speed to ensure that your car stays at a safe distance from the car ahead. Cruise control is not only great when driving over highways, but it can also help reduce fatigue when driving in heavy traffic conditions. This is because you don't have to constantly press and release the accelerator pedal.

Setting Cruise Control

 The first step to activating cruise control on your Infiniti automobile is to start the vehicle. Depending on your vehicle model, you will see a button on the steering wheel marked with a car, an odometer, and an arrow. Press the button and keep your finger on it for about two seconds. This prepares the cruise control system for speed input. After that, start driving and get to the speed that you want the cruise control to cruise at. Once you get to this speed, press a button marked ‘Set’ on the steering wheel. A green cruise control light will light up on your dash if done correctly. This means that your cruise control is activated and will keep the speed at the set level.

Things To Keep In Mind

if you are driving in slippery or snowy conditions, setting the cruise control is not a good idea. This is because such surface conditions require that you stay in control of the vehicle and speed at all times. It is recommended that you use your judgment to determine if the surface conditions are ok for cruise control. The other thing to remember is that you should never set cruise control above the designated speed limit. Not only is this illegal, but it can also be dangerous.

Your Infiniti will deactivate cruise control in case you apply emergency brakes. However, it is good to be alert and keep your eyes on the road, even when on cruise control. Activating cruise control is not an alternative to driving while fatigued. It is recommended that you stop and rest at a safe location if you feel tired or sleepy while on the road.

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